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XIQ - Deploying config to 1000s of APs

XIQ - Deploying config to 1000s of APs


There seem to be many bugs related to config deployment when selecting multiple pages at once.  It doesn’t matter if it’s 10 APs or page or 100 APs per page.  Also unlike HiveManager which queued all the APs and did 10 at a time,  XIQ starts them all at the same time.  This makes it exponentially slower starting the update when selecting 100+ APs at a time.  For comparison I was able to deploy about 6,500 APs at once in HiveManager Classic.

So with 5000 APs, I can deploy 100 APs at a time, starting at pg1, pg2, …. pg50.


I have tested this with up to 1000 APs in IQVA on-prem.  Select all pages -> deploy config.  Display will says ‘Will Deploy to 0 APs’, however it does eventually queue up.  At about 15 minutes a timeout error message occurs.  After 1+ hour after that the configs will eventually deploy.  I have compared our VHM imported into the Cloud hosted XIQ and experienced the same deployment bugs.

Is there anyone out there that uses XIQ with over a 1000 APs?


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Thanks @Sam Pirok for helping track down that case number. Based on the case notes, the issue was resolved separately over the several weeks the ticket was open. I haven’t done any bulk updating the past several months until last week when I noticed this occurring again.

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There was a time when updating multiple pages was working in ECIQ. However I noticed a few weeks ago that it was no longer working. In my recent experience, any time I’ve tried to push updates after checking “select all pages” there is no feedback in the “updated” column (when it’s working you should see queued). If I try pushing individual updates afterward I’d get the “action in progress” message (so it tried to do something), but at some point the task would fail to execute.


I had a GTAC case open for this back in April but I can’t remember where we left it. I’m having trouble finding it as this was during the migration and the case numbers changed (case # was  00298289 but my last email was on 4/9/20 and this case isn’t listed in my history. I requested a re-open on a related case but haven’t heard back yet)


I agree. With 1000’s of APs there has to be a solid and reliable solution for pushing large numbers of config and firmware updates. Hivemanager Classic also allowed you to monitor the update progress which was nice. ECIQ did away with that which makes tracking updates difficult, even if you can push them 100 at a time.