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I need help to understand a enterasys router configuration

I need help to understand a enterasys router configuration

New Contributor

we have a Enterasys Matrix E5 chassis, that contains four switches (5H152-50) and a router (5SSRM-02).

Here are a few lines extracted from the router configuration file :

stp enable port gi.(1-2).(1.2)
vlan make trunk-port gi.(1-2).(1.2)
vlan create VLAN1 port-based id 80
vlan add ports gi.(1-2).(1.2) to VLAN1

When I use the command SHOW MAU-statistics all-ports, the ports gi.(1-2).(1.2) are not displayed, and only the front ports appear.

Can you confirm me that the ports gi.1.1, gi.1.2, gi.2.1 and gi.2.2 are backplane ports ?
Do you know a documentation on the use of this ports ?

Could you tell me why, when we use the SHOW MAU-statistics all-ports command, these ports are not displayed ?

Thank you very much.

Bests regards.


New Contributor III
The Matrix E5 5SSRM-02 is a variation on the SmartSwitch Router SSR-2-B128 (128 MB memory), which in turn is roughly equivalent to the X-Pedition XP-2400-256 (256 MB memory). Matrix E5 manuals are no longer available, but this set of XP manuals in our Legacy Products section might be generally useful:, Documentation tab, Hardware Manuals -> X-Pedition 2400 Router.

New Contributor
Thank you for you very precise answer.

New Contributor III
Yes, that is correct. The 5Hs can switch among themselves, and this 5SSRM could optionally route among them if their direct connection backplane ports are disabled to force the 5SSRM as the sole intermediary.

Any smarttrunking port (equivalent to a LAG) would have been user-created, so look to the switch configurations for that. It should be on two or more front ports, since that's the only ports that could be trunked. The smarttrunking port may also be 802.1Q trunked so that it can serve as the single uplink port for all VLANs on the chassis.

Yes it is clearer ! Thank you.