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New to extreme networks

New to extreme networks

New Contributor

Hello all,

This may be covered elsewhere, but I had a hard time finding it. 

I am brand new to extreme and am starting a new job where that is all they use. I come from a few Cisco networks and never worked with Extreme. 

My question is where do I start? Are there courses I can take, or good YouTube channels to help get me up to speed?

Sorry if this has been beat to death. I appreciate any help. 





In addition to Dojo (available for registered users) you can always check:


New Contributor II

Find out what your budget is and get a different system. Seriously, Extreme took over what was Aerohive, which was a good product. In order to have the smoothest Wi-fi with the least number of troubles, we have to run our devices on some pretty old firmware.

I'd be glad to read something more. Why can't you upgrade to newest versions? What kind of problems do you have with new firmware? 

Moreover please do not suggest that Extreme = Aerohive wifi. Extreme has plenty of other devices, switching, routing, fabric, datacenter. 

Yeah, I'm not saying Extreme is exclusive to Aerohive, but they did buy them up and my whole system was Aerohive for like the 7 years prior. 

As far as having to use old firmware, the majority of our devices are "Aerohive" AP-250's, which are only about 5 years old.  I was religious about updating the AP's to the latest firmware, and when they went to it all changed. Constant issues with false interference alerts no matter how low you changed the wi-fi power. Issues with Chromebooks staying connected, getting connected, and laptops having similar problems. I took them all back to and have had almost no issues at all.

Another complaint I have is the auto-channel on the APs, this never works and is just broken. I had to manually set all the channels and the power to get a stable environment. If we could afford it, I'd go to another system. Perhaps Extreme has other products and cloud management that work well, but what I've got is flawed.