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Relocate a switch from one stack to another.

Relocate a switch from one stack to another.

New Contributor

I need to relocate a X450G2-48p from one stack/IDF to a different stack/IDF in the same building.

I would like the configurations and vlans from the new location to replace the old.



Contributor II


Jordan's response is mostly correct - If the switch in the original stack is no longer needed, you can remove it from the stack with the command: 

clear slot <the slot number of the switch to be removed>  i.e. -   clear slot 3

When this command is executed, the switch in that slot is removed from the stack along with the configuration within the stack for that slots' ports.  Additionally, the removed switch will be reset to factory defaults.

Depending on the firmware on this switch and the new stack to have the switch added, so long as the switch is on the same partition (Primary or Secondary) all you should need to do is connect the stacking cables to the switch and plug it in.  The switch should come into the stack automatically, and will be given a 'Backup' role.

You will have to configure the VLANs on the ports as needed.

Please let us know what firmware is on the current stack and the stack to have the switch added.



Both switches are running the same version.

@Bill_Handler I ran the clear slot command on the original stack [ clear slot 4 ]

The switch no longer displayed the 4 on its panel.

We then installed the switch into the new stack and it now displays 4 again. XMC doesn't show the switch in the new stack, but in the original again.


If you ssh/console/terminal into the new stack, and run the command:  show stacking  does the new switch show up there?