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VSB change Blade

VSB change Blade

New Contributor

We have installed two S8 chassis, bonding them using VSB.

Each chassis has three fabric blade and two IO blade.

The VSB bonding ports (3) are connected on the two Fabric Blade (each chassis): Board 4 with Board 12 and Board 5 with Board 13.

The problem: one fabric blade (chassis 2) it has problems "board in slot 12 of the chassis is not operational" after 5 minutes "board in slot 12 of the chassis is operational". Has days the blade not have problem, but I think about change to the other fabric blade. 

My question, when I remove configuration vsb board 4 with board 12 my network is going down or the vsb bonding ports blade 5 with blade 13 keeps the network up.

Thks for the attention