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4950 OID for CPU

4950 OID for CPU

New Contributor
how do you I find the right OID for CPU ?
I have tried the following which was retrieved from S5-chassis-mib

I have downloaded the lastest mibs, including diags and software
I have tried the above oid's but the all report
I am using PRTG in attempt to get the cpu information from the switch, however none of the variations have produced any results

Paessler SNMP Tester - 20.2.4 Computername: PC17411 Interface: (
20/05/2022 15:22:26 (2 ms) : Device:
20/05/2022 15:22:26 (4 ms) : SNMP v2c
20/05/2022 15:22:26 (6 ms) : Custom OID
20/05/2022 15:22:26 (14 ms) : SNMP Datatype: SNMP_EXCEPTION_NOSUCHINSTANCE
20/05/2022 15:22:26 (18 ms) : -------
20/05/2022 15:22:26 (21 ms) : Value: #N SNMP_EXCEPTION_NOSUCHINSTANCE223
20/05/2022 15:22:26 (23 ms) : Done

System Information:
Operation Mode: Switch
MAC Address: 94-9B-2C-D0-44-00
PoE Module FW:
Reset Count: 46
Last Reset Type: Software Download
Autotopology: Enabled
Base Unit Selection: Non-base unit using rear-panel switch
sysDescr: Ethernet Routing Switch 4950GTS-PWR+
HW:11 FW: SW:v7.9.2.017

New Contributor
I have searched for the OID in all the mib files given by Extreme and this OID does not appear in any of the MIBS, yet this OID delivers CPU usuage, why ?
what am I missing ?
All the mibs for CPU given by extreme do not work at all ?
Please help ?

New Contributor
solved my own problem, use this: