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Changing bandwidth for AVB

Changing bandwidth for AVB

New Contributor
Dear Experts,
I have a Summit X440-24t AVB switch. I would like to know if there is a command, which could be used to change the bandwidth allocated to best effort traffic, so that it can be used by AVB.
Is the standard setting 75% for AVB and 25% fro best effort?

Thank you,

Extreme Employee
Hello Jakub.
Welcome to the Hub.

Yes, you are correct. AVB is using MSRP(Multiple Stream Reservation Protocol).This technology ensures audio and video can leverage a predefined amount of the bandwidth for AVB audio. This amount is 75% of the maximum data rate; the other 25% of bandwidth can be used for other data. (Note: These percentage allocations can be adjusted as required across all Extreme Networks AVB-enabled switches.)

If you used Summit x440-24, sorry you cannot configure the bandwidth.

If you had G2 product, such as, x460-G2, you could change the bandwidth by using "configure msrp ports traffic-class delta-bandwidth"

Best regards,