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Cisco Mobility Express on Extreme Switch

Cisco Mobility Express on Extreme Switch

New Contributor

Has anyone use Cisco Mobility Express on an Extreme Switch environment.. i have manage to setup Mobility Express (WLC) Software using Cisco 1850 Access Points and everything works ok on a test environment using a Cisco 2960 Switch; then i change the switch for an extreme summit 440x and the function of WLC redundancy stops working. (using the switch with factory default configuration).

I also try to test in our extreme switch production environment, and redundancy (WLC) doesn't work either.

It's like the protocol VRRP using Cisco switch works.. but as soon i test in my extreme switches environment.. the protocol doesn't broadcast/work..

Any suggestions?


New Contributor
Hi... i did another test with another switch model extreme Summit 200, and it work!!, using wireshark i manage to see VRRP traffic, wich i saw with the workig Cisco Switch model as well..

Any suggestions on how to enable vrrp traffic on extreme switch model x440 (EXOS or any other suggestion?

Extreme Employee
My guess is that ME is using multicast. The default EXOS behavior is that multicast is dropped. My approach would be to wireshark the traffic on the switch and find the multicast... Regards Z.
Regards Zdeněk Pala