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command for local packet capture on x460 v16

command for local packet capture on x460 v16

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Found this article but this command doesnt exist:


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When I ran the above "debug packet capture" command I was not able to see traffic like pings/udp going through the port. I only saw this traffic after I enabled a port mirror to another server on the switch.

Extreme Employee
I was told when you start capturing on a port with "debug packet" an internal ACL is created to kick the port traffic to CPU, and it's captured from the CPU.

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Hi David,

that is a good question, I do not know the answer either. If I remember correctly, older EXOS versions (15.1, 15.3) allowed capture of traffic hitting the CPU only. The interface name used for this contained "bcm", I think.

The GTAC Knowledge article mentioned above pertains to EXOS 15.4 and later and uses EXOS front-port names.

Looking forward to an authoritative answer. 🙂


BTW there is an article to capture management port traffic as well: How do i take a packet capture of the management port?

I am not sure what started the debate around our office, but I am hoping someone can clear it up.

Does this packet capture method capture all traffic or just traffic that hits the cpu? I see that ingress and egress have to be captured separately, but will we see all ingress or egress traffic?