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Default "MAC" gateway - Trouble with provider limitation

Default "MAC" gateway - Trouble with provider limitation

New Contributor
We have a link between two stations provide by a external company.This provider have a limitation of MAC and this cause comunications problens between equipments below the switches.

Is there a way to create a "defalt MAC gateway" in L2?
I saw the protocal Provider Backbone Bridges (IEEE 802.1ah-2008), but we have EXOS 250 on the stations, that don't have this implementation.

Contributor II

because of the way Ethernet works, there is no "gateway" in normal Ethernet. If you need to hide Ethernet MAC addresses, you need to add some other technology.

The easiest solution is to use layer 3 over the link, because this replaces the MAC addresses of the end systems with the MAC addresses of the gateways.

If you really need layer 2, you can look into layer 2 tunneling technologies, but I am not aware of any supported by the Summit X250e switch. Other Extreme Networks switches provide quite a few tunneling mechanisms, e.g. VPWS and VPLS over MPLS, VXLAN, or L2GRE.


Thanks Erik.

I really need L2 and I'm trying avoid put other equipments between provider modem and Summit X250e switch. Probably I'll change the switch.

Thank you for your reply.