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Does Extreme MPLS work with 6PE and 6VPE ?

Does Extreme MPLS work with 6PE and 6VPE ?

New Contributor III
Hello Everyone,

I've been chasing this information into the documentations, nonetheless I can't find recent information about that.
Can you let me know if Extreme Exos can work with mpls over ipv6 in the newst firmware version?

If so, can you show me this documentation, otherwise, would be there any plan to implement it?


Extreme Employee

6PE or 6VPE is not supported on EXOS. You'd need to have a look at SLX/MLX/CER for that, at the moment.


I'm not aware of such development, but I'm not really in charge for that kind of things. Fabric Connect could be a nice alternative, btw. But that wouldn't be EXOS.

I would like to know that, too. A good year ago a customer asked about EXOS virtualization options for a large campus network, specifically MPLS L3VPNs, but would have needed 6VPE (VPNv6 address family) as well as IPv4 L3VPNs (VPNv4 address family).

Tks Grosjean, Do you know if there is some plan to implement it into Xos? Tks