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eBGP VPN Extreme EXOS and Juniper

eBGP VPN Extreme EXOS and Juniper

New Contributor
Hello guys,

Recently I post a question about vxlan configuration on Extreme Switches. Well, I've walked a little bit since that, but now i have maybe a problem:

I figured out that, once you enable EVPN encapsulation on Juniper BGP sessions, AFI/SAFI 25/70 are used to establish the sessions.

In EXOS, AF 1 SAFI 241 are used. The problem is: This is a proprietary afi/safi [ " The BGP implementation for ExtremeXOS supports carrying VXLAN VNI and LTEP combinations as MBGP routes using a proprietary af/saf combination. " ] according to my research.

So, this is what we have:

Oct 8 12:08:52.288289 BGP RECV MP capability AFI=1, SAFI=241
Oct 8 12:08:52.288290 BGP RECV Refresh capability, code=2
Oct 8 12:08:52.288291 BGP RECV Refresh capability, code=128
Oct 8 12:08:52.288292 BGP RECV Unrecognized capability 70
Oct 8 12:08:52.288306 BGP RECV Param data (18 bytes): 01 04 00 01 00 f1 02 00 80 00 46 00 41 04 00 00
Oct 8 12:08:52.288344 bgp_parse_open_options: peer (Internal AS 65000): unsupported AF 1 SAFI 241

It appears that EXOS will not talk to Juniper switches in a EVPN with VXLAN environment.

Some body had this problem and figure out any solution ? 😞

Thanks for any help.

Epafras Schaden