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EXOS: Send trap if rejected/duplicated ip is found

EXOS: Send trap if rejected/duplicated ip is found


if you perform the command "show iparp vlan " there is a summary at the bottom, where you can see duplicated IPs and rejected IPs (which are no member of the ip network the vlan is using).

I would like to receive an snmp-trap everytime, as soon as one of this entries changes.

I think with that command you could do that:
configure snmpv3 add mib-view "defaultNotifyView" subtree type included But where can I find out, which OID is meant for these values?

I'm looking forward to your input

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New Contributor
At last, what the conclusion is? is there any way a trap to be created whenever an IP is rejected? Which OID should someone use along with the following command "configure snmpv3 add mib-view "defaultNotifyView" subtree type included "

Thank you for your time.

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Extreme Employee
Hi Chacko,

Another discussing in our hub, may be could referenced.

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Extreme Employee
Chacko, you could perform an SNMP walk against the switch to get an idea of the OIDs and their description. Though I do not think we have one for duplicate IPs.

Please be aware that you can detect Duplicate IPs based on a test that would inform if two device respond to an ICMP request. Please read the following article for more detail:

In turn, if you have an SNMP manager / NMS, such as the marvelous NetSight, you then could create an alarm based on the EMS generated in the show log output via syslog.

Ok, thanks.
I will have a look on this.