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extreme switch connected to cisco switch and losing packet

extreme switch connected to cisco switch and losing packet

New Contributor
Hi All

Can someone help me, I have 2 ExtremeXOS 440 switches version connected to cisco switch 6500.

Problem : when I’ doing continues ping I’m getting packet loss and when one switch responding to my pings another will not respond vice vasa .

This is my configuration on extreme switches

create vlan "internal-man-105"

configure vlan internal-man-105 tag 105

configure vlan internal-man-105 add ports 2:24 tagged

configure vlan internal-man-105 ipaddress

enable ipforwarding vlan internal-man-105

configure ports 2:24 auto on speed 1000 duplex full

this is my configuration on cisco switch

interface GigabitEthernet3

description Extreme-switch Uplink


switchport mode trunk

logging event link-status

logging event trunk-status

logging event bundle-status

logging event spanning-tree status

logging event subif-link-status

load-interval 30

keepalive 30

speed 1000

duplex full

udld port aggressive

mls qos trust cos

flowcontrol receive on

flowcontrol send on

spanning-tree portfast edge trunk

spanning-tree bpduguard enable


Extreme Employee
Hi Siva, I guess during configuration you may have configured the same MAC address for both the stacks which is causing this issue. please use the below command so that the MAC address will get configured automatically. "configure stacking mac-address" Please note that you need to reboot the stack once the command is executed. I hope you will not see the reported issue once you do the above.

Extreme Employee
Hi Siva, Can you share the "show switch" output from both the switches please? The last one you posted was "show conf" i am looking for the "show switch" output from both the switches and see what MAC address they have....

New Contributor
I have to change the cable's and change ports on both Cisco switch and extreme switch but still experiencing the same issue.

At this stage, I think extreme switch are not the good one. 😞

Extreme Employee
Siva, Is it possible to share the "show switch" output from both the switches ?

New Contributor
Maybe I need to plug 2 switches on the different blade on cisco switch, I will do this tomorrow.