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Ghost password issue !!

Ghost password issue !!

New Contributor
Afternoon all,

I have a weird issue with a X670V switch that we have. I downgraded it to version for the simulation of an upgrade that we're scheduling.

So hopped on the swtich, unconfigure all, reboot... all good so far
Upon reboot, download firmware to switch and rebooted once more.

We this is where the issue starts... I'm being prompted for a password that shouldn't be there !!
I've tried our usual password just in case... login incorrect every time.

So then I figured I'd reboot in BootRom mode and choose "config none" then reboot... no dice...
I'm running bootrom that option doesn't exist in this version...

So then I figured and use emergency procedure and reinstall firmware from bootrom... so I did... but the issue remains... the "Ghost Password" is still there and preventing me access to the switch... rendering it as useful as paper weight...

A little help would be appreciated πŸ™‚


Contributor II

did you perhaps downgrade from EXOS 16 to 15.2? If so, you might want to look at the GTAC Knowledge article Cannot log into EXOS switch after downgrading from EXOS 16 to an earlier release.

I suppose you did not configure a failsafe account (which is not affected by the EXOS 16 password hash change).


Now that was super helpful... switch is now accessible πŸ™‚
Thanks Erik


Extreme Employee

Sorry about the "!"...
According to documentation I'd need bootrom but for that I'll need a support contract for this switch... we don't have it πŸ˜•

That's why I thought I'd ask on forum first... to see if I can work around it without having to pay a lot of $$