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How to check XOS lag/lacp port speed details?

How to check XOS lag/lacp port speed details?

New Contributor
In EOS we have different lag ports like lag.0.x so using lag port status we can check and identify that the attached port is in dormant state and the lag port speed as double if two link added in lag,
while in XOS i can see the lacp is working or the port are added in the lag but how shoul i check the lag port speed? in XOS there is only one Master port identified in group of port and it shows his port default speed only. i need to check bundling all link together on lag port what speed it shows on lag port?

Contributor II
The LAG "port speed" is just the sum speeds of the active links. The "port speed" is thus the upper bound for the achievable speed using the LAG (a.k.a. port sharing).

Hello Sandeep,

There is no way to show the full bandwidth of a lag in EXOS. Using the "show sharing" command you can list the port in a lag to see the port speed. For example, "show port 1,2 configuration".