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How to monitor stack switch x440 power down witn snmp

How to monitor stack switch x440 power down witn snmp

New Contributor
Hi.. I would like to monitor when a switch x440-48t in a stack becomes offline.. (power down) with snmp..

I was trying to use OID ( extremeStackMemberOperStatus1. with my NMS.. i actually did receive a value of '1' when the switch is on correct operation mode, but when i powered off, i did not receive any value... wich was my trigger if the value changed to '2' (down)..

So it did not work..

Any suggestions..

Extreme Employee
Hi David,

There is a trap-MIB that you can try as follows:

Name: extremeStackMemberStatusChanged
Description: The extremeStackMemberStatusChanged notification is generated when the operational status of the stack member changes

Note: You have to configure the switch and enable "Zabbix NMS" as the SNMP trap receiver. You can confirm the CLI using the article below:

How to add a trap receiver

New Contributor
Hello ..

I'm using SNMP polling, i want to receive an alarm if the switch shut down (in a stack).. , that's why i was using (reading) snmp variables.. wich return a value and with my NMS i can read and make an alarm based on the value on a specific variable.

Based on OID (MIB) i can use the following on this link

So i was trying to use this one:

wich returned a value of '1'... but when i power off the switch, no value returned.. so my alarm did not apply (cause the last value was still '1', i put the alarm to trigger when the value '1' changed to anything else; when i powered on the switch, i got again the value of '1'. so that did not work,

I have switches not in a stack monitored by IP address (ping reply) with no problem, but in a stack theres only one IP address for the whole stack, wich the alarm works but all of the switches must be turn off.

I'm using Zabbix as my NMS..

SNMP timeout... that would be another variable to check for..?

New Contributor III
I am trying to clarify. Are you using SNMP polling or SNMP Trap forwarding ?

If you try by powering off, then the SNMP Trap has no chance to send you a trap, because the switch cannot predict that its power will be shut off.

If you try SNMP Polling, then there should be SNMP timeout.

What are you trying to achieve actually ?