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ISC Between Two Stacks of Different Switch Models

ISC Between Two Stacks of Different Switch Models

New Contributor II


I’ve looked around for information on this topic, but haven’t found anything definitive yet; I was wondering if it was possible to link two stacks of switches, that are different models of switch, together via ISC for MLAG. Specifically, I have a stack of X460-G2-48p-10GE4s and a stack of X450-G2-48p-10GE4s. Both stacks are V-Stacks using the ‘alternate ports’ (51/52). To connect the “Slots” of the stack together, X460-slot1 port 49 would connect to X450-slot1 port 49, and similarly on X460-slot2 port 49 connecting to X450-slot2 port 49.


Is this something that should even be tried, has someone had to do this? For what it’s worth, this would only be temporarily for a few months and eventually the X450s in the design would be upgraded to X460s.


Thanks for any information


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I didn’t play like that but I think it’s ok to try. What I remember a standalone/stack/modular EXOS should be peered with standalone/stack/modular, not mixed. But didn’t see model restrictions. It is recommended however - mind the MAC table capacities for example.


Hope that helps,