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Summit Stack 450 460 10BT

Summit Stack 450 460 10BT

New Contributor
I have a number of POE devices that operate at 10BT (yes 10 megabyte) that we plan to deploy. In my summit switches they are getting POE, but not linking the data port.

The specs for a summit 450 show that 10BT is supported.... Is there anything in the CLI I need to do to permit these ancient devices?


Extreme Employee
If you are refering to x450a or x450e series, those support 10base-T, full and half duplex.
I guess maual setup of speed and duplx may be needed in case your PoE devices do not support auto-negotiation.
Below is a command to set them up manually.
configure ports auto off speed 10 duplex fullPersonally I think it's time for you to say goodbye to old guys.
They need some rests 🙂

450G-2 does not support half duplex.

All ports Full Duplex - half duplex operation is not supported. Only 440s I believe support half now and then only on certain ports.