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Traffic Issue inside newly created VLAN

Traffic Issue inside newly created VLAN

New Contributor
I'm new to VLAN's and i'm having some issues. I've configured a test VLAN, but am unable to sucessfully ping the other client i've got sitting on this VLAN. I can ping the Primary IP for the VLAN from either of my clients however. Thanks

* X440-48p-10G.11 # show vlan-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------
Name VID Protocol Addr Flags Proto Po rts Virtual
Ac tive router
/T otal
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------
Default 1 /24 -f----------T---------------- ANY 2 /46 VR-Default
Mgmt 4095 /24 ----------------------------- ANY 0 /1 VR-Mgmt
Test 5 /24 -f--------------------------- ANY 2 /4 VR-Default
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------
Flags : (B) BFD Enabled, (c) 802.1ad customer VLAN, (C) EAPS Control VLAN,
(d) Dynamically created VLAN, (D) VLAN Admin Disabled,
(e) CES Configured, (E) ESRP Enabled, (f) IP Forwarding Enabled,
(F) Learning Disabled, (h) TRILL Enabled, (i) ISIS Enabled,
(I) Inter-Switch Connection VLAN for MLAG, (k) PTP Configured,
(l) MPLS Enabled, (L) Loopback Enabled, (m) IPmc Forwarding Enabled,
(M) Translation Member VLAN or Subscriber VLAN, (n) IP Multinetting Enab led,
(N) Network Login VLAN, (o) OSPF Enabled, (O) Flooding Disabled,
(p) PIM Enabled, (P) EAPS protected VLAN, (r) RIP Enabled,
(R) Sub-VLAN IP Range Configured, (s) Sub-VLAN, (S) Super-VLAN,
(t) Translation VLAN or Network VLAN, (T) Member of STP Domain,
(v) VRRP Enabled, (V) VPLS Enabled, (W) VPWS Enabled, (Z) OpenFlow Enabl ed

Total number of VLAN(s) : 3

Extreme Employee
I believe you have a simple diagram as follows:

PC1 ( -------- Switch ------- ( PC2

Can you ping from the switch to both PC1 and PC2? Could be a PC firewall?

I am able to ping the Primary IP of the switch, just not from PC to PC. Also Windows Firewall is disabled per GPO

New Contributor II
have you set the tag for a test vlan? Are both ports (yours and clients one) untagged and your pc and other's one have ip-s from one subnet?

issue commands
show vlan port n
where n - ports of the machines