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Vlan Isolation

Vlan Isolation

New Contributor II
Hello Community,

I'm wondering if it's possible to do something like "port isolation" for vlan.

I want that one particular vlan doesn't communicate to another port with the same vlan tagged,
is that possible?

New Contributor III
I would agree with Nick that port isolation sounds like the right solution. Port 48 would live in the primary VLAN and all other ports would have access to it, but not to eachother. You would have to move your other ports to isolated VLAN's, but they would all have access to the promiscuous port in the primary vlan.

New Contributor II
Sorry Eric, let me try be more clear.

For example, the vlan 100 is tagged on ports 20-30 and also to the uplink 48.
The packets are coming from ports 20-30 and they will have to communicate to a BRAS server and the path to the BRAS server is only port 48.

The packets coming from the particular port 20 with vlan 100 do not have to talk to the ports 21-30 just to 48.
But others vlans will.

yes, there are more 9 vlans who needs to communitcate betwen them.

you have more than one vlan between BRAS and customers on ports 20-30?