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What mean Summit model names?

What mean Summit model names?

New Contributor

For Example ,

Summit x150

Summit x250

Sumiit x440

Sumit x480


what mean’s this number?

I look forward to your responses. thank you.


Extreme Employee

think of the same way you have BMW models,

1 series

2 Series

3 Series

4 series….etc etc..

and the X series for SUVs

And Audi





A5….etc etc

and Q series for SUVs


As you move up into the higher model numbers  you are getting bigger bodies, more performance, more features, higher price points and perhaps flexible use cases.


As you move up from the x440, x450, x460, x465, x500, x600 x800 you are getting just that. 

the x400 series is for campus edge connectivity.

500, 600, 800 series are more for Core, Agg, and Datacentre.


Hope that helps.


Valued Contributor II

Hi Asman,


I have never seen explanation on this, but the higher the model, the more capable switch… But have in mind, X150/250/440/480 are pretty old 1st gen switches that are EoS/EoL; “Summit” name is also long one, now it’s just ExtremeSwitching X(…).

Now we have X440-G2/X450-G2/X460-G2 that are “2nd gen” L3 Gigabit switches with 10G uplinks and different HW capabilities (thus different scalability and few differences in features or extensions), X620/X670-G2?/X690 that are “2nd gen” 10G switches (some does not have ‘-G2’  suffix as they didn’t have “1st gen” predecessor), X770 a 40G switch, X870 a “2nd gen” 100G switch. And new generation has come with additional cutting-edge features (I’d call them “3rd gen”), like X435 L2 switch, or X465, or…

I recommend you to check the products page to review what’s available now. 🙂


Hope that helps,