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X435 2.5G SFP modules

X435 2.5G SFP modules


Hey everyone,


as you guys may saw the X435 switch does have SFP uplinks which (according to the datasheet) are working with 1G or 2.5G. Has anyone of you ever seen a compatible 2.5G SFP module? It seems like these modules are available nowhere.


I checked the official X435 datasheet as well as the EXOS optics matrix ( but there are no 2.5G optics anywhere.


Does anyone even know which standard this 2.5G SFP is?


Thank you all!


Kind regards



Valued Contributor

This isn’t an issue with the optics but with EXOS afaik. It doensn’t support 2.5G on X435 currently.

New Contributor II


In reduction of Hareware-Costs it will be great when you only need 1 Optic and 1 Multimode-pair instead of 3…

Sven from Flexoptics told me that i anly can try the default 2.5G configuraton until ther is no Vendor Configuration he was able to “copy”.

But looks like that does not work:


X435-24P-4S.7 # show ports 25 transceiver information detail

Port :  25

    Media Type            : SX
    SKU                   : N/A
    Vendor Name           : FLEXOPTIX
    Vendor Date           : 01/21/19
    Vendor Revision       : A
    Part Number           : P.8596.02
    Serial Number         : XXXXXX

    Power Up Counter      : N/A
    Wavelength            : 850 nm

    Temp (Celsius)            :  30.44      Status               :  Normal
          Low Warn Threshold  : -5.00       High Warn Threshold  :  85.00
          Low Alarm Threshold : -10.00      High Alarm Threshold :  90.00

    Voltage AUX-1/Vcc (Volts) :  3.32       Status               :  Normal
          Low Warn Threshold  :  3.05       High Warn Threshold  :  3.50
          Low Alarm Threshold :  3.00       High Alarm Threshold :  3.60

    Tx Power (dBm)            : -3.29       Status               :  Normal
          Low Warn Threshold  : -8.30       High Warn Threshold  :  0.00
          Low Alarm Threshold : -9.30       High Alarm Threshold :  1.00
          Tx DDM              :  N/A        Tx DDM Last Gasp     :  N/A

    Rx Power (dBm)            : -2.91       Status               :  Normal
          Low Warn Threshold  : -12.10      High Warn Threshold  :  0.00
          Low Alarm Threshold : -13.10      High Alarm Threshold :  1.00
          Rx DDM              :  N/A        Rx DDM Last Gasp     :  N/A

    Tx Bias Current (mA)      :  6.52       Status               :  Normal
          Low Warn Threshold  :  2.00       High Warn Threshold  :  40.00
          Low Alarm Threshold :  1.00       High Alarm Threshold :  50.00
      N/A  - parameter not applicable to transceiver connected to the port
      -inf - negative infinity, parameter not defined

X435-24P-4S.8 # sh por 25 inf de
Port:   25
        Description String: "Default settings for the access port"
        Virtual-router: VR-Default
        Type:           SX
        Random Early drop:      Unsupported
        Admin state:    Enabled with  auto-speed sensing  auto-duplex
        Link State:     Active, 1Gbps, full-duplex
        Link Ups:       1        Last: Mon May 31 11:03:48 2021
        Link Downs:     0        Last: --

        VLAN cfg:
                 Name: Default, Internal Tag = 1, MAC-limit = No-limit, Virtual router:   VR-Default
        STP cfg:
                s0(enable), Tag=(none), Mode=802.1D, State=FORWARDING

                 Name: Default      Protocol: ANY      Match all protocols.
        Trunking:       Load sharing is not enabled.

        EDP:            Enabled

        ELSM:           Disabled
        Ethernet OAM:           Disabled
        MACsec:         Disabled
        Learning:       Enabled
        Link-Flap Detection:    Disabled
        Unicast Flooding:       Enabled
        Multicast Flooding:     Enabled
        Broadcast Flooding:     Enabled
        Jumbo:          Disabled
        Flow Control:   Rx-Pause: Enabled       Tx-Pause: Disabled
        Priority Flow Control: Disabled
        Reflective Relay:       Disabled
        Link up/down SNMP trap filter setting:  Enabled
        Egress Port Rate:       No-limit
        Broadcast Rate:         No-limit
        Multicast Rate:         No-limit
        Unknown Dest Mac Rate:  No-limit
        QoS Profile:    None configured
        Ingress Rate Shaping :          Unsupported
        Ingress IPTOS Examination:      Disabled
        Ingress 802.1p Examination:     Enabled
        Ingress 802.1p Inner Exam:      Disabled
        Ingress 802.1p Priority:        0
        Egress IPTOS Replacement:       Disabled
        Egress 802.1p Replacement:      Disabled
        QOS Profile Settings:     QP1  MinBw =     0%  MaxBw =   100%  MaxBuf =   100%  Weight =    1
                                  QP8  MinBw =     0%  MaxBw =   100%  MaxBuf =   100%  Weight =    1

        NetLogin:                       Disabled
        NetLogin port mode:             Port based VLANs
        Smart redundancy:               Enabled
        Software redundant port:        Disabled
        IPFIX:                          Disabled
        Far-End-Fault-Indication:       Disabled
        Shared packet buffer:           default
        VMAN CEP egress filtering:      Disabled
        Isolation:                      Off
        PTP Configured:                 Disabled
        Time-Stamping Mode:             None

        Dynamic VLAN Uplink:            Disabled
        VM Tracking Dynamic VLANs:      Disabled

X435-24P-4S.9 #

So we have to wait or someone else coud try other 3rd Party optics.



Valued Contributor II

Hi Stefan,


Current datasheet for X435 seems to claim 2.5 Gbps speed on uplinks is a matter of a future release. If it’s already there then cool (I didn’t really review all available release notes regarding this: I’d try to use some 3rd party transceivers if it’s something urgent. AFAIR 3rd party transceivers doesn’t strip you off the warranty, only in case you would have an issue that might be related to the transceiver GTAC cannot really help with this part as they are not responsible anyhow for 3rd party transceivers. That’s the policy regarding 3rd pty optics I remember.

I hope anyone here has already used some particular transceivers. You could try to look around for field-proven 1G/10G/40G transceivers vendors and look if they have 2.5G in their portfolio.

Just out of curiosity, is it a strict requirement to upgrade uplinks to 2.5G and LAG out of 4x1G is neither enough nor possible on the other side?


Hope that helps,


New Contributor II

Look like 9 Months later ther are no news about this.

I get the info that her is no Aggregation protocol so 2,5 also make no sense... 

I herad a Rumor that some People get it work with 3rd Party Types of SFPs but noone can tell something about…

So is ther someone wo have more info about?