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[X460G2] speed and duplex settings and behaviour on 1GbE port.

[X460G2] speed and duplex settings and behaviour on 1GbE port.

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On X460G2 model (with EXOS or EXOS we noticed a misunderstood behaviour with "intel" comptuers connected on Etremexe ports configured in auto-sense mode with speed and duplex settings ( instead off "auto on" only).


For instance, if on Extreme side we configure the port 3 like :" configure ports 3 auto on speed 1000 duplex full on"

And we configure  a computer with its network interface configured in auto-sense mode.


After, we are waiting 1 minute and then we connect the computer on port 3 ; we noticed that port 3 stay in "ready state" on Extreme side and port remains down on computer side. (no connectivity)


If we desactivate and activate the network interface on the computer (while it remains connected to the swith) the port comes up in 1Gbps Full duplex .

To sum up ; what are the use cases of " configure auto on speed 1000 duplex Full" port configuration?

And what kind of behaviour is expected?
(it' doesn't seems  to advertise the speed to improve the negotiation)

Best regards,

There is no problem with the "auto on" mode,  or auto off with speed and duplex whan we want to hard set the network configuration.



This afternoon , I think that I have found the origin of the problem for laptops with intel Card.
It seems to be the use of the energy option "ultra low consumption on disconnected cable" on intel network card.
(In french "vitesse de liaison pour économiser la batterie" or "Mode ultra basse consommation lorsque le câble est déconnecté".)

When this option is disabled the auto-negociation  ( auto on speed 1000 duplex full) works as expected  .


Hi Raphael,

that is interesting, thanks for the info!

That reminds me that I have seen network interfaces change from 1G to 100M when the computer is suspended. Something like that would result in ports configured for 1G only to lose the link. Which may or may not be problematic, since the suspended computer is not doing any work at the moment, but wake on LAN (WoL) functionality requires an active LAN link to work.