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Does X480 VIM2 (4x10Gb XFP) work on X460t switches?

Does X480 VIM2 (4x10Gb XFP) work on X460t switches?

New Contributor
Hi everyone
Please, can you help me with this compatibility question?
I've got some X460t switches in production and needed to expand to 10Gb ports.
Also, I got some spare VIM2-10G4X XFP (16312 part number) from X480 switches. Do you know if they will work in X460 switches?

Thanks for the help



Extreme Employee
Hello Paula,

In continuation with what Tyler had to say on SyncE,adding few things on syncE for your further reference. Referring for more information on Which EXOS Hardware Platforms Synchronous Ethernet (SyncE) does support?

Please find below article link which says their compatibility with respect to different hardware for syncE support.

Extreme Employee
Hello Paula,

Unfortunately, it looks like the VIM2-10G4X is not compatible with the X460. Here are all the port option cards for the X460:


Tyler Edwards

The difference between these two cards is a functionality called
Synchronous Ethernet (SyncE). The XGM3S-2sf (16126) supports SyncE while the XGM3-2sf (16117) does not.

SyncE is standard for transmitting a synchronization signal or clock signals over network cables.

Hi, Tyler
thanks for the quick reply.
Do you know whats the differece between 16126 and 16117 cards?
They seems similar to me, I am looking for the card to insert in Slot A of X460 (since the X480 expansion wont work)