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Exxtreme Switch IOS upgradation

Exxtreme Switch IOS upgradation

New Contributor III
I am having extreme switch summitX- can we directly upgrade to Extreme summitX-21.1?

During upgradation how much downtime is enough to upgradation?

New Contributor III
Alok, in the Release Notes there is always a description for the update path or what version is needed to upgrade to any other. So i would recommend to read release notes first.

Update procedure is generally not longer than 5 minutes per device.

New Contributor
what is the out of the box firmware version of summit X460-g2 ?
just need to know for license, it says advanced edge license when it has a 22.1 version.

Valued Contributor III
Out of box firmware version can vary depending on when it was built or last refreshed.
The Advance Edge license is included when upgrading a X460-G2 to 22.1 or higher if it does not already have it.

Extreme Employee
If your hardware supports 21.X then you can upgrade from to 21 without any issues.

Downtime will depend on your process of upgrading and (again) the hardware platform. What is the hardware you are trying to upgrade?