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Licensing VDX6740 switches in VCS Mode via DPOD

Licensing VDX6740 switches in VCS Mode via DPOD

New Contributor
Hi Everyone,

I just need some guidance on how to license ports on VDX6740 switches operating in VCS mode. I have voucher numbers for the product already, and I understand the part where I would have to generate a license string/key based on the voucher numbers as it appears on our account on the ExtremeNetworks customer portal.

What I do not really understand are the next steps - do I login into the individual switches and apply the license string or do I login with the VCS IP address of the switch to apply the license string? 

Another thing I noticed is that when I did "sh dpod" on the switch, some ports are disconnected but they still hold on to a license. Any ideas on how to release the license to go back into a pool? My understanding is that for DPOD, a license is only applied to a port when it is enabled - that is, connected to a device and operational. Am I missing something?

I have never had the opportunity to apply licenses to ports in the VDX 6740, so any advice would be highly appreciated.


Extreme Employee

1) You can add the license from the Principal Rbridge to other remote rbridges using the below command 
    license add licStr "string"  rbridge-id <id>
2) use the dpod release command to remove a port from the Ddpod
e.g VDX1(config)# dpod 1/0/1 release
In same way you can also manually reserve a port using the VDX1(config)# dpod 1/0/1 reserve
once the port is reserved it would be required to shut and no shut the port to bring it online