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Zero Touch Provisioning (stacking)

Zero Touch Provisioning (stacking)

New Contributor
We would like to use Zero Touch Provisioning for configuring almost 100 summit switches.
By default, we usually enable stack features on all our switches. But this, normally require a reboot before applying the switch config.

Would anybody know how we could "enabling stacking support" & "load a config" by using Zero Touch Provisioning ?

Thanks a log in advance for your reply.


New Contributor III
Fernando, This can be done but it would require provisioning each node individually and very deterministically (meaning, setting every parameter manually). Have you had a chance to try this? - Mike

Contributor II
Fernando, if NetSight is available, DHCP Option 125 parameters can be used to issue an etsysConfigMgmtReadyNotification trap to the NetSight NMS. Once NetSight discovers this, it can send files to the switch, apply a config, or run a script. However this is ideally and typically used to push configuration. The stacking part may need to be tested to whether a script to configure and enable stacking on Summit switches would work.