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BOSS - Radius fallback

BOSS - Radius fallback

New Contributor III

Hi all,


I’ve had some issues with radius fallback on ERS48XX recently.


The problem: we had to migrate the uplinks to new ports. During this window, the RADIUS server was unreachable, because the uplinks were down.

Normally, when logging in (console or web), radius should time out and we should be able to log in using the local account. However, this did not work. The switch tries to contact radius, which off course fails: “Querying central authentication server, please response from RADIUS servers”

Normally, after the timeout, it should just accept the local login, but in this case the 48XX just goes back to the netlogin prompt.

We verified that password fallback is correctly configured.


I searched the KB, which resulted in this article:

But… emergency administrator? You can only set RW or RO as user role…

This article also specifies that this should occur on 49XX and 59XX, but I’ve been using password fallback on 49XX succesfully many times.


This was tested in v5.8.2.017, but even after an upgrade to v5.12.6.007, the behaviour remains the same.


Any ideas?


Contributor II
Hello. I was told though a case I opened that this feature actually requires the switch be in "enhanced secure mode". I am testing this and can now add a user as an emergency_administrator, but once I apply the radius command to the console, logout and try to log back in, it just says the radius servers are not reachable.