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AP650 not connect to new HP chromebooks

AP650 not connect to new HP chromebooks

New Contributor

We have started having problems with AP650 that we can't get the chromebooks to connect to the APs. The model of the chromebook is HP Chromebook 11MK G9 EE. No other device besides these have a problem connecting to the network. Windows PC and iPad work fine but these will not connect to these APs. They will connect to our older AP250's with the same radio profile that the AP650 has on the 5ghz radio.  All APs are on 10.0r10b and we have a on prem server that is on  Any help would be great thanks!


New Contributor III

You should update your OnPrem appliance to and then test one of your AP650 with 10.3r4 (latest supported firmware with this IQVA version), as it has tons of bugfixes compared to 10.0r10b.

We have our whole productive environment with 200+ AP650s in this constellation.