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security-object [SSID] security additional-auth-method captive-web-portal

security-object [SSID] security additional-auth-method captive-web-portal

New Contributor
Hi community,

does anyone have an idea what causes the above entry in the configuration of an AP510C?
This results in showing a CWP after connecting with a PPSK, even though there is no additional CWP configured or enabled and we don´t want that yet.
After removing this command via the CLI the CWP did not appear. But the entry comes back after AP restart or configuration update via XIQ.

Best regards

New Contributor
Good morning Mike,

This is a new issue with XIQ Pilot. I have been using the same SSID with Local and Cloud DB's since 10-1-21 with no ill effects until last week.
Something changed.


Extreme Employee
Hello Markus,

 This issue can appear when we configure a PPSK SSID that contains PPSK groups using both Local and Service user databases. Supported configuration is to use PPSK groups of only one type or the other per SSID. Generally speaking Service or cloud based credentials are a bit more convenient. 

-Mike Coughlin

New Contributor
We have the same issue that started around 3-11/3-15-22 timeline. It has been added to the delta config for all (approx. 5800) of our AP's ( models 230, 250, 1130, 410C and 460C) that include the PPSK SSID which has mostly user keys with the database location in the cloud as opposed to local. We have a GTAC case open. Right now I manually correct with the CLI [no ...command] and save conf. I could add to the sup CLI, but that's a patch.
Thank you

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager
Hi Markus, thanks for the details here. Would you be able to add me as an external admin to your VIQ instance temporarily so I can check the current set up to see if I can find what is causing that issue? This guide reviews how to add an external admin, if you could please add me with the email, that would be great. 

I'll also need to know your organization name so I can find your instance in the list of instances I have access to. You can find your organization name in the Global Settings of XIQ> Account Details> Scroll down to the Organization Information section and the organization name should be the first thing listed here. 

Please also let me know what network policy to look at if you have more than one made currently. 

If you'd rather send the VIQ information to me directly, please feel free to email me at the email above or