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security-object [SSID] security additional-auth-method captive-web-portal

security-object [SSID] security additional-auth-method captive-web-portal

New Contributor
Hi community,

does anyone have an idea what causes the above entry in the configuration of an AP510C?
This results in showing a CWP after connecting with a PPSK, even though there is no additional CWP configured or enabled and we don´t want that yet.
After removing this command via the CLI the CWP did not appear. But the entry comes back after AP restart or configuration update via XIQ.

Best regards

New Contributor
We've just started having this issue at my workplace now too. We've a public WiFi with no web portal that suddenly (at least to devices running Android) now has a portal to get through. I've verified in XCC that no such config is in place. Just wanted to raise my hand and say I'm seeing this too.

New Contributor
After the last XIQ update we deployed the new firmware implementing a complete configuration update to one access point. The command "security-object [SSID name] security additional-auth-method captive-web-portal" still persists in the configuration but with no side effects. None of the PPSK clients were facing with an additional CWP authorization.

New Contributor
Good News, We got a message back from our case number that this issue would be address with the XIQ (ia-gcp instances) update.
Extreme message: "Hi Don, it looks like 22.3 is scheduled to go live the week of 05/01/2022 - 05/08/2022. I will let you know if that changes." 

For us, Our work around after an update with the CLI "No" command plus a "save config" works, but I can't update again because the XIQ believes that command should be in the AP and puts it back into the delta automatically.

Looking forward for this to be fixed too.

New Contributor
Update: Our reseller have a statement from GTAC​. They told us

... that the bug has been filed with high priority ... 

and we have to workaround this issue with supplemental CLI commands, which also does not work correctly.

I am excited about the next XIQ update.