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Surge Solution Question

Surge Solution Question

Extreme Employee
Hello Hub! New to the Hub. Thought this would be a good place to find the experts on our Surge IOT Solution. IHAC, large University in NYC area interested in an IOT solution to help them quickly and securely onboard University students IOT devices that is growing in scope and concern for the Univerisity IT group. This customer has questions relating to scale/density and the requirements for number of Surge devices needed. They are currently an Aruba wireless customer and are not looking to change that. Their data network is Extreme/Arris.

Extreme Employee
Hello John

Welcome to Hub!

Extreme Surge is an IoT security solution that simplifies the process tightly securing and managing networks.
This solution is capable of helping secure and manage up to 168,000 devices.

Kindly reference you our Solution Brief about Surge IoT Solution

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