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airprint randomly stops working

airprint randomly stops working

New Contributor II
this is a new identifi install with 4x4 APs
the legacy Meru install was working flawlessly
the airprint server disappears after an amount of time, turning the airprint server's wifi off then back on gets functionality back
multicast settings are set to allow all multicast traffic
not sure what to adjust to get airprint to continuously work


I love this community!

Extreme Employee
Good stuff Joe. Thanks for joining the Hub by the way.
Great to have you in the Extreme Community.

New Contributor II
thanks for the tips guys, the customer has implemented some kind of work around, I'm sure that your suggestions will help other people in the future, I'll put an update in here if they want to revisit it.

Valued Contributor
How long after reconnecting does the AirPrint server stay visible for? You can monitor Bonjour with this command on OS X:
dns-sd -B _ipp

New Contributor III
I had one other scenario with a client and ended setting up a script to reboot the AP's every night at 2am.

Let me know if you want to take that route, I'll give you the HUB link that I created for this