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AP Data Sheet Radiation Patterns

AP Data Sheet Radiation Patterns

New Contributor II
Hi, I've been researching this topic and I'm still trying to wrap my head around the radiation patterns and how they play out three-dimensionally while designing a lecture hall.
All of the data sheets for the Extreme AP's and external Antennas have the radiation patterns listed as Horizontal and Vertical. The rest of the industry uses Azimuth (the RF radiation pattern when viewed from above the antenna) and Elevation (side-on view of the antenna RF radiation pattern).
Can I conclude that the Data-Sheet Horizontal is Azimuth and the Vertical is Elevation?

Extreme Employee
Hi Rich , this is all the same industry terms. Azimuth is the top-down view of the radiation , other name is Horizontal or H-plane.
E-plane , also elevation , also Vertical - is the side view of the radiation.

Hi, Rich.
There is one nice discussion for Antenna operation chat.

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Perfect thanks!