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Best practice on number of SSID's per AP ?

Best practice on number of SSID's per AP ?

New Contributor II
Is there a best practice on the number of ssid's per AP ? I was working with a test ssid on some AP's in a building. Everything seemed ok while the ssid was on the AP, but after removing it from all the AP's I was testing, I pretty much had to reboot all the AP's I was working with as they stopped passing client traffic consistently. Management wise the AP's were up and you could connect, but no traffic consistently until rebooting the AP. Only reason I asked about the number of ssid's as that was the only thing I modified recently.

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Ok, never had an issue like this before and the only location with the problem was the one where I was adding/removing the ssid. Willl pursure gtac.

Extreme Employee
I just had to delete two SSIDs during a lab test (20 mins ago) I didn't see any issues with the clients under test on the last SSID I still had running. You should contact the GTAC, someone should be able to review your logs and configs.
Doug Hyde
Director, Technical Support / Extreme Networks

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3825 AP, 4110 and 5210 controller. Firmware :

Not sure if it matters, but the problems I was having, all the AP's were on the 5210.

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Hi JP, Welcome to The Hub!
Can you share with us the AP and Controller models and the software version?

Generally speaking, other than potentially being confusing to users, the number of SSIDs shouldn't affect operation of the network.