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C35 goes down after a while

C35 goes down after a while

New Contributor


We have 2 Extreme Identifi C35 device and it seems both of them failed.

1st one was in use until last weekend and now device is up but Port 1 and Port 2 is down. Therefore all attached AP's are also down. Management Port also down. Current firmware of this device is After restarting device AP's are up for 30 min to  2 hours but after then device ports are also goes down. There is no error in logs.


2nd one was not in use as a spare but when we turn it on in the device screen there are blocks, fan is working with full speed. Neither console and nor ports are not working.

Do you have any suggestions to check it out ?


Thank you.


New Contributor II

Hi Mustafa ...

Where are you located ?

I mean : which country ?

Hi Pascal

I am located in Turkey