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C5210 SCP Backup

C5210 SCP Backup

New Contributor III
Hi All,

I'm trying to configure our c5210 controllers to backup to a scp server.

The configuration is pretty simple yet I cant get it to work.

I have tried two different setups. 

1. Windows server with openssh (1 FAIL: No such file or directory)
2. Windows server with Solarwinds SCP/SFTP server. (2 FAIL: Server responded with EOF)

I cant seem to find much with regards to the c5210s specifically. 

I know the credentials (same setup for both) work as I can use the SFTP protocol from a SFTP client to both the openssh server and solarwinds server and view the file directory.

I appreciate scp is much more simple and don't expect to be able to view the file structure but why is this so difficult.

I have other vendor equipment working to both servers via scp.

Any input would be appreciated. I can provide further information if needed.