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Cannot Multi Edit Ap3825i Models

Cannot Multi Edit Ap3825i Models

New Contributor III
As the title suggest we have purchased at different times groups of AP3825i APs.

Some are known to the controller as Model "AP3825i" and others "AP3825i-1"

the controller interprets these as different models meaning it throws an error message when trying to multi edit when selecting a mixture.

I can multi edit a group of 1s and non 1s just fine but not a mixture of both.

are there any plans to address this? I'm sure you can appreciate this being very annoying when you have 500+ APS and need to make changes on the fly. or what about making changes to the default settings that would propagate to the APs in realtime rather than on a reboot etc?

New Contributor III
I assume then my predicament is something we have to live with.

Extreme Employee

The two models that you mentioned are indeed different from a regulatory perspective. Occasionally, a major regulatory agency such as the FCC or ETSI changes regulations during the life time of a product forcing the manufacturers to retest a previously certified product with the new rules / regulations. Normally products are grandfathered in for a 18 - 24 months but after that you either take the product off the market or you retest the product using the new rules. As a manufacturer you have two options: 1) create a new product SKU (very disruptive to sales, services, customers), 2) keep the current model but identify internally via the software so as to enforce any new rules or regulations or 3) prematurely end-of-sale the product. We opted for #2, retesting the AP3825i using the new DFS / FCC regulations and keeping the same model number to reduce disrupting our customer base. We introduced a new hardware identifier via a new hardware rev number, hence the different internal models numbers. Internally in the software, there are different regulatory tables and parameters for the AP3825i and -1 derivative.

Thank you,