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Multiple IP addresses to multiple MAC addresses for single WLAN connection (bridged NIC on PC)

Multiple IP addresses to multiple MAC addresses for single WLAN connection (bridged NIC on PC)

I have Oracle VirtualBox on my laptop. I am able to connect to my SSID and grab an IP address without any issues. But if I bridge my wireless NIC to a virtual machine, that virtual machine is not able to obtain an IP address.

I am assuming that this is a security feature as you normally would not want to have two users with different distinct IP addresses communicating over the same one radio channel.

However - in this case, I want to do just that! Is there a setting for this somewhere in the management interface?

I am currently running with a bunch of 3825i AP's.

Extreme Employee
Hey Steven,

Running VirtualBox version 5.1.10, windows 7, from my Lenovo laptop connected a V2210 EWC on software I have managed to get the virtual adapter to bridge to the laptops wireless adapter and get an IP address for each machine.

Here is the settings for the VirtualBox


Here is the ipconfig output from the virtual machine:


Here is the ipconfig output from my Laptop (which is hosting the VM):


And here is the DHCP address lease for them both:


How does your setup compare to mine in regards to configuration?

- Sam