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Poor performance on Teams with Extreme Wireless

Poor performance on Teams with Extreme Wireless

New Contributor

We have 2 x Extreme C35 controllers with an assortment of AP3805i,AP3912i,AP3915i installed. Our switches are GB. We are experiencing an issue of poor calls for our TEAMS video and audio calls. If we switch to cable then it works fine. The Teams dashboard reports that there is high packet loss and also very high round trip time to their servers. The user experience is laggy/choppy video calls. If they only use audio then sometimes it has a audio break. This doesnt happen for everyone in the building but only certain areas. We check signal to the AP's and its fine. What can i do to pin point the issue? I was thinking that its more of an issue with the backplane as signal is fine but performance is poor. Drivers and general software is fine with the end users. Thanks

New Contributor II

reduce the packet size on AP/Eth. and test again.
We had a similar problem.
But other AP hardware and other applications.