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Roaming issue inter-wlan

Roaming issue inter-wlan


I have a customer with 700 aps on a campus, and when the customer move from one building to other and lose the conection with ap and when move to another build reconnect, and stop the traffic... Its necessary manually reconect.
The time between move from one site to another is 2,3 minutes and connection is lost. ANy idea??

The Inter-wlan is enabled..

Extreme Employee
Could you please check during the issue if the signal strength jump up and down? Look in the client report if the decrease from normal value to something to - 90dBm. if yes enable probe supression on the radio advance settings and test it.Regards Umut

The problem was resolved when on VNS-ROLES have configured acces-control with CONTAIN VLAN.. and the old rule was configured with ALLOW only. All tests sucessfull with this configuration

Extreme Employee
Topology groups might help you in this situation.

You could create many bridge at controller topologies. Then make one group out of them. Your student vns could use the topology group as the topology. Then the users would be assigned to one of the topologies in the group based on the last 4 digits of their mac address. That way, a student would keep his ip address regardless of which building they were in.

Extreme Employee
can you use the same subnet in both the user will be on vlan10 always? that is the simplest.