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DHCP vs Static IP Addressing Issue (Aerohive AP650 / Extreme AP510C)

DHCP vs Static IP Addressing Issue (Aerohive AP650 / Extreme AP510C)

New Contributor

I have Aerohive AP650 / Extreme AP510C access points deployed with the firmware.  I have configured an "isolated" VLAN with the L3 switch acting as the gateway. 

If I enable DHCP on the "isolated" VLAN, which the customer does not want, the wireless clients associate and have "Internet only" connectivity via the L3 switch.

If I utilise static IP addressing using exactly the same values as the DHCP scope the wireless client associates but cannot PING the default gateway.  If I take the same Windows 10 laptop and connect it to a switch port configured for the "isolated" VLAN it can PING the default gateway and has "Internet only" access.  Therefore, the issue appears to be the Extreme wireless network.  

I cannot see an "Enforce DHCP" option (or equivalent) in the SSID settings or Network Policy Management Options but I can see an "Enable DHCP Shield" option.  Could this be causing the issue?