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How to Increase my Wireless Speed on AP305C?

How to Increase my Wireless Speed on AP305C?

New Contributor
Hi Team,

we are using AP305C, we can get speed 30 MBPS only.  same time if we using Sophos AP55C, we can get speed upto 300 MBPS.

kindly suggest how can increase the speed in AP305C.

Please refer tested attachment also. these testing all are in same place in same network.

New Contributor

the Speedtest indicates not just your actual connection with the access point.
The Speedtest indicates just the Speed you can reach with the current connection at your company network.
When a service started , like a Video Conference and or other Business related connections the company network and internet connection my lower your connection to the internet and the possible available bandwith. 

Therefore it would be a pleasure to get more Information of your Test environment befor we should just point it to a trouble shooting guide. 
1. Actual Landline Speed
2. Network Environment 
3. Test Scenario
4. Configurations like : Quality of Service , Load Balancing Systems etc. 

or is it just a private enviroment where its gonna be tested ?
and even there : if you test the speed with to different APs you need to make sure the the internet connection isn't used by another user for the same test conditions. 

kind regards, 


Change from 20 mhz to 40 or 80 mhz on your 5 ghz radio and you will increase the speed. legacy clients could have trouble with that. dont do it on your 2 ghz radio

Not a good advice at all. As he cannot reach "normal/decent" speeds, wider channels, will just utilize larger spectrum without any reasonable gain. With 2x2 MIMO he should easily reach far better real throughput than 30Mbps even with 20MHz.

My lucky guess would be to check SSID settings and check if WMM is enabled, and TKIP is not in use. For me it looks like connection speed limit to 54Mbps.

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Community Manager
Hi there, thank you for those pictures. The most common cause of slow wireless speeds is radio frequency interference. I would recommend starting with these guides that walk through how to identify interference on your network, and how to troubleshoot interference in general. 

Troubleshooting RF Interference

How high CPU, multicast, or RF interference can cause poor performance and/or AP failure.