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XIQ Virginia-1 showing degraded = Amazon AWS issues

Contributor III

So, all of a sudden my XIQ is showing AP's going offline..... i go from 171 AP's online to under 163 online... strangely all on page two of the XIQ interface... so im freaking out a little.


I figure, let me see the status of Extremes services, and note that Virginia-1 is degraded, and with dismay see its on Amazon AWS.  I check AWS status, as well as check it on and right at the time this offline crap started, thats when AWS started to experience issues.

I also noted that the AP's going offline, were still pingable.


that tells me that whatever Virginia-1 does, when AWS has an issue, it affects the XIQ interface, and you get data thats just BS..

thats not good, and changes the way in which i think about the XIQ interface.  While its cloud based, it should show me as near to real time as possible, otherwise you cant take anything as real on the interface.  This shows me, that i cant trust the interface.

why oh why would Extreme have anything to do with AWS, it goes down all the time, or has issues.  why didnt they do this in-house.

so, did anyone else have erroneous data displayed on their XIQ interface starting around 1208pm EST today - 9/22/2022 ? 

Just wow. An interface you cant trust, because AWS is always having issues.. Heck i thought it might have been the latest firmware for the AP650's, which i installed on all AP's almost 10 days ago.. but now, thats not looking like the case....

not happy....




New Contributor

I've seen varying degrees of issues with this hosted solution. Which, is somewhat to be expected with a fully hosted solution. The sad part? Extreme is less than forthright with info in this regard. As a very long time customer of AH and now Ext, I have seen some fairly questionable procedures over the years.

New Contributor

I have also seen a lot of capwap messages the last two days. I must have the same issues.