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Configuring WM3600 Wireless Controller to Work with a Different DHCP Server

Configuring WM3600 Wireless Controller to Work with a Different DHCP Server

New Contributor
I am new to the Extreme Products and i currently need some assistance with a problem that i am facing. My company runs a Extreme WM3600 Wireless controller and internet is already going through this to all the AP's and the DHCP is the WM3600. We recently updated our next building with new High speed internet and we are using a DHCP server over there provided by our ISP. Now I have connected that internet to my existing company and the internet is working perfectly via Lan after i made some configuration on my switches. Now what i want to do is use the existing wireless controllers to share the new internet. But now since the Ap's are providing the IP from the WM3600 I need to know how can i configure the Wireless Controller to give out the IP address from the other DHCP server.

New Contributor II
What you need is a function called dhcp-relay or bootprelay. I think it has to be confugrwd on the same menu as you already configured the dhcp-server for the wireless topology. I habe no controller at hand to provide a detailled description, sorry for that. Just disable dhcp-server and enable dhcp-relay towards the providers dhcp-server which should be the router. Hope this helps Kind Regards Marco

Thank you for the help.

Their is also another Avaya wireless controller in the network which is controlling the AP's on the other building. Also currently the internet is flowing through Vlan60 in the switches so just turning off the dhcp server and using dhcp-relay would it fix the problem. If so should i just enter the ip address of the dhcp server in the relay option ?