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Have VX9000 share accounting sessions between APs

Have VX9000 share accounting sessions between APs

New Contributor III
Hello -

We use a 3rd party NAC that integrates with our VX9000. Our NAC was recently under heavy load and we were able to determine the issue was caused by multiple RADIUS accounting records coming from the VX9000 per device. It seems that the VX9000 is sending accounting data for devices every time a device roams between APs (this causes a LOT of accounting data).

Two questions:
  1. Does this sound accurate?
  2. Is it possible to have the VX9000 share the accounting sessions between the APs so that roaming between them doesn't generate additional sessions?

Extreme Employee
Hi Max,

this sounds like the problem lies somewhere else - adoption / MINT links.
In healthy environment MU roams between APs without significatn change to topology, hence I do not believe there is going to be much accounting.

RFDM aggregates here the stats and only informs adopter when MU changes stats.
However, if you have local (level1) adoption then it might cause little more traffic.

I'd recommend you to raise a GTAC technical case so we can understand the situation better.



I'm revisiting this old thread as I see WiNG has recently been released.

Going through the release notes in the New Features section I see:

Accounting option to avoid client re-authentication when roaming

Might this finally be a resolution to my original post?