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How I configuried email notification with gmail in wing 5.9.6

How I configuried email notification with gmail in wing 5.9.6

New Contributor

Hi Everyone 

I have a new configuration in my RFS4000 and I need active email notifications I tried with gmail account but they do not send me the email for the event, how I configurate  gmail in the email notification in Wing?, my actual configuration is 

event-system-policy default
 event system login-fail email on
 event system cold-start email on
 event ap ap-unadopted email on
 event system server-rejected-request email on
 event system login-fail-bad-role email on
 event system ext-config-error email on
 event ap ap-adopted email on
 event system warm-start email on
 event system ui-user-auth-success email on
 event device device-autoup-fail email on
 event device adopted email on
 event system periodic-heart-beat email on
 event ap no-image-file email on
 event ap legacy-auto-update email on
 event system maat-light email on
 event device offline email on
 event device device-autoup-no-need email on
 event system clock-reset email on
 event system login-fail-access email on
 event device device-autoup-timeout email on

email-notification host sender port 587 security starttls username password 0 ****************
 email-notification recipient