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Only see minimal radios on my new SSID

Only see minimal radios on my new SSID

New Contributor III
We created an additional WLAN with a unique SSID with different security than the rest of our WLANs. When I go to Statistics, RF Domain details, look at the radios status, it only shows a very small number of radios active.

Why is that?

We're using Wing 5.8 on a vx9000 controller.

New Contributor II
If you add this new SSID to booth radios and all used profiles, but still miss some radios, check for device overwrites.

If y device overwrite is configured on a AP radio, this device don't get profile changes.

New Contributor III
It's not clear what AP profiles you and how and where you applied the new WLAN. When you add a new WLAN - you need to add it to all AP profiles you are planning to use it on. And do "commit write".