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Radius and certificate

Radius and certificate

New Contributor

Hi everyone.

I've installed a radius server on a windows server 2019. 

I need to install certificates for authentification and I must say I don't really understand how the all thing works. Do I import the server certificate to the Ap (ap7522) or the Ap certificate to the server and PCs?

But there is more : when I want to Import a certificate, the Wing interface gives me 4 choices : Import, Import CA, import CRL and Import Signed Cert. Wich one do I choose? What are the differences between the 4 certificates?

Pleaaaaase help!  🙂


Extreme Employee

If you are utilizing external radius authentication, the certificates would reside on the radius server, which also is more then likely the certificate authority, and on the clients. 

The following Knowledgebase article explains how to configure external radius on WiNG:

Please consult your Microsoft documentation for 802.1X and configuration on radius/certificate side.